OK…so I’m not just saying this to be saying this…but this podcast could seriously revolutionize and transforms lives.
**This may be one of the most important pod-cast’s I’ve ever done.
Please take 15 min and listen, to what I think could transform and change the modern day church, as well as the rest of the planet.

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  1. Thanks bro, this is a very helpful podcast for many christians around the world.

    I just have listened to the podcast. Today’s modern age where all that we can possibly see (watch) or hear is made possibly through the internet is ONE big challenge for christians. I agree with what you shared brother, “walking in the Spirit” – is the key to overcoming the challenges.

    The days are dangerous days, where a christian can get corrupted or polluted by what he can possibly see in the internet or from watching televisions/ cable TVs and get him/her to fall into sin… I too had some of these struggles before and temptations still attack me sometimes like the rest of the many christians from different parts of the world. Sometimes, I failed the test and still commit sin and I repent… but assuming that I have to print out all that transpired in my life from the moment I have known Christ, it just terrified me… why? Because most of it will be a cycle of “Repent-sin-repent-sin”…. and then I would end up frustrated and I would tell my self, “I have not really repented, haven’t I?” Then I go to Church, then hear sermons like “whatever that happened to your life or sins that you committed, God can forgive you… “, I get comforted by that yeah… but over the years, I discovered that the failure from the pulpit on the messages being conveyed is to promote Fear of the Lord… and sometimes, the messages fuel up the -“oh that’s just normal to sin sometimes, after all, we’re just humans – prone to fail at times….”, then it tends to destroy the power to live an overcoming life…. But, yeah I do believe “walking in the spirit” is the solution, i just don’t have a clear view of what usually happens in the day in the life of a Spiritual Man….

    But how is this “walking in the spirit” made possible? what usually happens to the person when he walks in the Spirit? How is the “day in the life” of a Walking-in-the-spirit man?

    • reed says:

      Thanks for the comment.

      To answer the question ‘how is the day in the life of someone walking in the spirit?’ I think it looks like obedience. Closeness to God is all about obedience, no a feeling.
      If you look at the guys in the bible most of them felt far away from God most of the time, but they were the closest.

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